Tuscan Gin 700 ml

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Ingredients: Organical alcohol , spring water, spices, citrus peel and medicinal plants from biodynamic and organic farming.

Area of production: Tavola, Prato

Size of the bottle: 700 ml

Alcohol: 45%

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Last born in the factory is this particular gin produced in small batches using the method “Cold Compounding” , is with the cold maceration of medicinal and aromatic spice plants , mainly of course juniper , provenance biodynamic and organic neutral alcohol and spring water. Real botanicals macration and therefore , it is important to emphasize , no aromatic essences. The eight botanicals used give the product a variety of scents really persuasive and make clear to all the palate citrus and bittering notes present. 

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Dimensions 30 × 10 × 10 cm


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